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What we do

Software development

CADS started off as a software development company providing solutions to engineers over 40 years ago. Software development continues to be at the core of the company but now we have over 20 products that are sold internationally. We embrace the latest technologies to write sophisticated 3D modelling packages through to smartphone apps.

BIM services

As well as writing world class software we also provide world class services. Our BIM modelling services are relatively new but are expanding rapidly as our customers appreciate our excellent technical standards, quick turnaround and keen prices. Find out more about our BIM modelling services.

Reinforced concrete design and detailing services

Our detailing service has been hugely successful as more and more international companies look to take advantage of the scale and expertise at CADS. Our expertise is second to none and we are proud to have been serving customers since 2003.

Sales and support

In order to promote and support our products we need an expert team of professionals to ensure our customers get the most from it. We train and empower our teams so they can exceed our customers’ expectations.


If you are interested in a global company that produces exceptional software and services then please see our careers section.

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